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Participatory Common Learning in Groups of Dairy Farmers in Uganda (FFS approach) and Danish Stable Schools
DJF rapport Husdyrbrug, nr. 78, 2007

Af Mette Vaarst, Dept. Of Animal Health, Welfare and Nutrition, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Farmer Field Schools (FFS) is a well-known concept, which is widely used in many types of farming systems in the Global South. In this report different approaches to FFS adjusted to Ugandan smallholder dairy systems and to Danish organic dairy systems are explored and discussed. The report is based on a Master Thesis in Health Anthropology and a mini manual to the so-called Stable Schools.
Improvements of farming practices should be based on the context of the individual farm and include the goals of the farmer and the farming system. This should be the case in all types of farming systems. Viewing learning as a social phenomenon and process, as well as an interaction between the learner and the learning environment (including other farmers) may give opportunities for context based innovations and developments towards a common goal in a group of farmers.

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