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Ammonia emission from Danish cubicle barns for dairy cows
DCA rapport, nr. 110, 2017

Af Peter Kai, Anders P.S. Adamsen, Morten L. Jensen, Pernille Kasper og Anders Feilberg

The mean annual ammonia emission was determined from eight naturally ventilated dairy cubicle barns. Four
barns had slatted floor above slurry channels (SF), while four barns had solid drained floor (SDF). The manure was removed from the slatted floor 6 times per day and 12 times per day from solid drained floor. Each barn was measured 6 times over a period of a year, each period lasting 1-3 weeks. The ammonia emission was measured using the constant tracer injection technique using carbon dioxide produced by the animals as tracer. The effect of manure removal from the slatted floor was tested in 2 SF barns applying an on-off test design, where a period of frequent manure removal was followed by a period of 0 or 1 manure removal per day. The on-off periods was repeated 6 times in each barn. The SF barns emitted 1.2±0.3 kg NH3-N year-1 m-2 production area (mean ± SD) or 5±1% of excreted total-N or 10±2% of excreted TAN. The SDF barns emitted 1.0±0.2 kg NH3-N year-1 m-2 production area or 5±1% of excreted total-N or 11±2% of excreted TAN. In SF barns, no significant difference in ammonia emission between periods with 6 manure removals per day or 0 or 1 manure removal per day was observed.

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