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Biogas potential of soapstock and bleaching earth
DCA rapport, nr. 4, 2012


Recently, a system of regional public funding for research has been established in Norway, to support cooperation between local actors within research and local industries. The regional funding council of Mid-Norway provided funding for a project to study how the energy output from anaerobic digestion of animal manure may be increased by utilizing fish oil residues, rich in fat, as a co-substrate. The project, in Norwegian called "Biogasskunnskap" (Knowledge about biogas), lasted for one year (2011) and was a co-operation between the Norwegian Institute for Agronomical and Environmental Research -Bioforsk, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, various local industry partners in Mid-Norway and Research Centre Foulum at Aarhus University.
Dr. Alastair Ward and his staff at Foulum have conducted laboratory tests to study how much fish oil by-products that may be appropriate to use as co-substrate in anaerobic digestion of animal manure. Laboratory tests cannot be directly transferred to practical scale, but such results provide a useful point of departure for optimizing the actual biogas plant and process.

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