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Milk genomics. Variation in milk composition from major Danish dairy breeds and exploitation into dairy products
DCA rapport, nr. 194, 2021

Af Nina Aagaard Poulsen, Ulrik Sundekilde, Ida Emilie Ingvordsen Lindahl, Bart Buitenhuis and Lotte Bach Larsen

This report presents results from the Danish-Swedish Milk Genomics Initiative relating to the Danish animals, represented by Danish Holstein and Danish Jersey. The report summarizes results from more than 40 peer-reviewed papers published from the project initiative. The results relate to both new and updated measurements of compositional traits of bovine milk from individual cows sampled as part of the project The updated measurements regarding milk composition relates to content and variation of protein, fat, lactose, cell count, as well as more
detailed parameters, like protein composition including genetic variants and their modified forms, metabolites, oligosaccharides, fatty acid composition, as well as major vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, processing characteristics like coagulation properties were central part of the studies, in addition to other nutritional and health related characteristics. The compositional traits were linked to genetic background, and potentials for breeding of improved milk composition relative to exploitation into dairy products is covered.

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