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Food waste in the Danish primary production and food industries
DCA rapport, nr. 143, 2018

Af A. Borum, L. Mogensen, T. Kristensen, M. Hammershøj, J.R. Jørgensen, M.G. Bertelsen, J.N. Sørensen, M. Edelenbos og U. Kidmose

This report seeks to establish a basis for estimating the magnitude of food waste generated in the Danish primary production and food industries. The food categories investigated are meat and meat products (including fish), milk and dairy products, eggs and poultry, cereals and bakery products and fruit and vegetables, including potatoes. Food waste has been investigated based on existing literature and interviews with key persons from the Danish primary production and food industries. In the report, the amount of waste, reasons for waste generation and waste treatments/end destinations of the waste have been revealed. The report concludes that a rather small percentages of the annual production within each food category, in both the primary production and food industry become food waste. Furthermore, we conclude that waste is typically higher for plant-based products than for animal-based products.

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