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Green Biomass
DCA rapport, nr. 73, 2016

Af Mette Termansen, Morten Gylling, Uffe Jørgensen, John Hermansen, Line Block Hansen, Marie Trydeman Knudsen, Anders Peter S. Adamsen, Morten Ambye-Jensen, Mikkel Vestby Jensen, Søren Krogh Jensen, Hans Estrup Andersen and Steen Gyldenkærne

The present report provides an overview of the major potentials and challenges in relation to an increased application of green biomass in Denmark. The report has been prepared with a view to acting as a part of the scientific basis of the National Bioeconomy Panel discussions on the potentials of green biomass.
The report e.g. points out the fact that green biomasses typically have higher yields and higher protein contents than grains. Therefore, green biomasses may be potential substitutes for soya imports if it is possible to extract the protein part commercially and create a feed that is competitive compared to soya. In addition, green biomass has a variety of potentials in the form of high-value products for feed and food ingredients. Conversion from cereal grain production to grass-based production entails a range of environmental potentials, including reduced pesticide use, reduced nitrogen leaching and an increased soil carbon stock.

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