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8th international congres on farm animal endocrinolgoy 2015
DCA rapport, nr. 64, 2015

Af Mogens Vestergaard, Rupert Bruckmaier, Iain Clarke, theodore Elsasser, Akio Miyamoto, James L. Sartin and Helga Sauerwein

This report is the conference proceedings of the 8th International conference on Farm Animal Endocrinology,which took place in Billund, Denmark, 27-29 August 2015. The report gives the full program of the two-days conference in which 25 invited talks were presented in five scientific sessions; 1. Endocrine control of metabolism,2. The gut: New critical control points for endocrine-immune metabolic targeting, 3. Animal health and stress: Consequences and strategies, 4. Endocrine control of lactation, and 5. Reproduction and Health. Besides abstracts of the 25 invited talks, the report also contains 38 abstracts submitted and presented as posters during the conference. Full papers of the invited talks will appear in Domestic Animal Endocrinology.

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