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Ecotoxicological evaluation of As, Cd, Cr, Pb, Hg and Ni applied with fertilisers in Denmark
Intern rapport, nr. 111, 2011

Af Peter Sørensen, John Jensen, Janeck Scott-Fordsmand & Bent Tolstrup Christensen

Mineral fertilisers contain a range of impurities that may be harmful to the environment if loads are too high. In EU it has been suggested to regulate the content of arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), chromium (VI) (CrVI), mercury (Hg), nickel (Ni) and lead (Pb) in mineral fertilisers by setting cut-off values for these six metals. The content of environmentally harmful impurities in mineral fertilisers marketed in Denmark during 2006-2008 was reported by Petersen et al (2009). Subsequently, the Danish Plant Directorate commissioned an ecotoxicological evaluation of the six metals, As, Cd, Cr, Hg, Ni and Pb when applied to agricultural soils.
This report presents the results of the ecotoxicological evaluation and is filed as a deliverable to the Danish Plant Directorate under the "Contract between Aarhus University and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries on the provision of research-based public-sector services, etc., at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences for the period 2010 to 2013".