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Management Systems for Organic Egg Production - Aiming to Improve Animal Health and Welfare
DJF rapport Husdyrbrug, nr. 80, 2007

Af Lene Hegelund, Dept. of Animal Health, Welfare and Nutrition, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Animal health and welfare is an important part of organic husbandry, both in terms of
the organic principles and owing to the consumer interest. But problems in the organic egg production resulting in high mortality and feather pecking, have led to the need for management tools in order to secure animal health and welfare. The aim of the project is to develop management tools for the organic egg production, aimed to secure animal health and welfare in the flocks. In the fi rst part of the project a welfare assessment system for organic egg production was developed and tested on 10 fl ocks during one production period. In the second part of the project a generic HACCP system was developed, using an expert panel analysis. The two management tools have very different approaches to improving animal health and welfare, and subsequently different methods, cost and advantages. This makes them relevant for different purposes and by different producers and interested parties.

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